Mother’s Day 2014 and Orioles Magic

Good Afternoon to all my family and friends and a particular Happy Mothers Day to my Mother in Connecticut. Here we are, looks like warm season is finally upon us. Christopher and I are heading to an Orioles game on my Brother’s birthday. It will be a grand time for all. I sometimes wish Skip live closer as I think we would see a lot more each other but we never saw much even when I was living up there. That is the funny thing about family, you get along when you live far away and especially as we all reach our golden years, we look forward to seeing each other again.

Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and a wonderful week. The fun begins with the Orioles right now.

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Positively Baseball-Baltimore Orioles-WHY NOT US

ImageWhile I am the first to admit to being one of Dan Duquette’s most ardent critics, I have decided as my Lenten Resolution, to project a more positive message about the Baltimore Orioles. After all, I love the Orioles, I love Baseball and I love my family (not necessarily in this order of course). The Orioles have made some blunders, but after all, haven’t we all. Baseball is a funny game. The World Series or Bust Washington Nationals of 2013 did not work out so well, now did they. The 2013 Baltimore Orioles had fans screaming for more. The last to first Boston Red Sox should be the theme for the 2014 Baltimore Orioles. After all, our theme this year should be WHY NOT US.  We have starting pitching depth, a legitimate top of the rotation starter in Chris Tillman, a blemished Nelson Cruz, but if Lent has taught me anything in my 60+ years as a Roman Catholic, it is forgiveness and a miracle worker named Buck managing this bunch. Let’s have some fun, folks. Orioles Magic begins in twenty three days and we will be there to cheer this team on. POSITIVELY SPEAKING-I SAY WHY NOT US

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Pets-Trixie, Betsy and Taffy

One does not realize the impact that pets have on ones life. Ever since we have been home owners, we have always had a cat and/or dogs with us. They are unbelievably loyal, Trixie, our soon to be 11 year old yellow lab, follows me everywhere, into the bathroom, downstairs, in the computer room, everywhere. She is getting old, and of course she deserves the lazy life. Betsy, our youngest, does not mess with Trixie, she respects her elders. But Betsy does like playing with Taffy. Betsy, a Great Dane/black lab mix, and Taffy, a King Charles Spaniel mix, holds her own against Betsy. It is great to see these “sibblings” play and then of course Trixie pipes in and lets them know who is boss. These critters are family and for that I am thankful.

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Turning 60

I turned 60 last week and it got me thinking about retirement. Certainly, we have thought about it from a financial perspective but what I mean is that as I looked at the AARP web site, I began to think about retirement from a non financial perspective. What will we do, what hobbies will take part, what book will I write, will I continue with my cartooning. These are just a few of the questions that I raised to myself. Certainly we have earned the right to do “nothing” and on some days that very well may be the case but when the time comes, we would like to do something sometime.  When I surrounded myself with family and friends last week, it really made me think. These were friends that were young and old, our son’s friends who I admire, friends that I have known for many, many years and friends that I have known even less in time. What was important, though, was that these were friends who I truly enjoyed being around. Isn’t that what turning 60, and for that matter, enjoying life, is all about, We surround ourselves with loved ones (my wife and son) and great friends to celebrate life. Nothing could be better. For my friends who are already 60 and for those who will soon be turning 60, I have two words-thank you !!!

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Getting Old

As I soon am approaching my 60th birthday, I realize that nothing will bother me. There are certain things that I love, my wife, my son, our pets, my mother and brother and other relatives, but I do not let things get to me. It is funny though because as Jerry McGuire said we live in a cynical world. I begin to realize that not everyone feels like I do. I see it all of the time. Family is my priority and my faith is very important to me (I am Roman Catholic) but all else is a far distance 2nd and beyond. Life is too short to put up with the daily junk of life. I have never been a work a holic in this dog eat dog world of Washington DC metro area. I will keep this short. Whatever you do, remember family and pets will always be there for you. Have a great June my friends.

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End of Summer

The end of summer is almost upon us. How sad. It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating Memorial Day. As one gets older, the time goes by faster. Summer is my favorite season, with the sweltering heat we had this year (with our huge electric bills) to the nice summer breeze with cook outs and picnics, there is nothing better. Hopefully, summer will continue into the Fall and before you know it, June 21, 2012 will be upon us again. Remember, each day after December 21, 2011 longer and before you know it, pitchers and catchers will be returning. Hope springs eternal my friends and life is good.

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Baseball and Life

I am amazed; just tweny four hours ago, many of the baseball games on the East Coast were postponed.  I am sure the diamonds were covered, the field given time to dry out and the sound of baseball was back. We can always look to baseball when all else fails. I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I hope the Orioles sweep.

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